i don’t think he looks bad, i like him. […], […] though we base our articles on research rather than anecdotes, we still like to walk the walk before writing about something. lol. It does make sense and it does help. Marco has a saying that really rings true for a lot of us: “Gain 20 pounds and most of your physique problems will fix themselves.”. Good luck guys. Cos lets face it, no one wants to be the skinny guy. (I wouldn’t go much lighter or heavier than that for now.) 7 pounds in 10–20 weeks is actually a ton of muscle in a very short amount of time. Sounds like you’re doing the right thing—eating enough to gain weight and lifting weights. My tip would be, if you struggle to eat your calories then drink them. I was still thin, sure, but I wasn’t dangerously underweight. Men's Health participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. any information (in addition to the awesome info in this article), advice, encouragement for him would be awesome. We can get them done quickly because we do big compound full body lifts that hit many major muscle groups at once. He, the doctor, said that it may go away with extra fat but he can’t say for sure; which is understandable. Hi I’m most likely going to buy what you guys offer, as i have tried going to the gym etc. A few stats since beginning of july to now… Thanks man . Also I have started a private conversation with you but I don’t know if it works. I drink maybe a litre a day these days. If you want to see my life progress visit my Instagram: dregainz_ I have been working out consistently for two years straight and now I weigh 176 lbs. For some extra trap growth try rocking some heavy farmer carries as an assistance exercise. Yeah, but in terms of how big you can ultimately become, not in terms of how quickly you can gain 35 pounds. I’d love for him to do your program, I’m just not sure how he’d handle it if I got it for him and if he’d even read the info and take the advice. Perhaps this will help someone. Seems like it would help me put on a bunch of weight but I’m already a bit lactose intolerant and prone to acne so that and the mostly fat gains are discouraging. Hey guys, today i want to share my Skinny to Muscle Transformation with you all. 1. I’ll just continue to motivate and try to get him to finish his entire plate. So that’s fine. If your husband is like me, the thing that may motivate him the most is if you genuinely love him and his body for the way they already are. I’m fed up of takin creatine, weight gain and eatin lots of protein, I just can’t gain After all, she loved it so much. 11. The next question was whether doing more than three full-body workouts per week could speed up muscle growth. Or is it an all or nothing kind of deal? He may genuinely prefer being skinny, at which point, so long as he’s healthy, that’s totally cool! That first day of May, the two of us made a bulking pact: we would do thirty days of whatever it took to gain muscle—naturally, of course. (I didn’t increase my calories over the past couple weeks, but I doubt that this weight gain pace will continue much longer, as some of it is probably just extra water weight). Don’t worry about getting a six-pack yet, you need to build muscle up in order to actually have a six-pack to reveal. Ronnie Coleman wasn’t born with ability to leg press 1 tonne of weight. She said “Nooo! Hey Nocturnalist – kind of an ironic name given you go to bed and wake up so early! Another trick that’s popular in the fitness industry is to manipulate before and after photos to make transformations look more impressive. Hey MJ, don’t underestimate yourself! Taking the skinniest of ectomorphs and helping them build tons of muscle. We only sell the eBooks, training programs, training videos, community and coaching as a package, as that’s what works best. The muscle soreness was crippling, we felt lethargic from perpetually overeating, and our muscle and strength gains were already beginning to plateau. Take our measurements every 5 weeks (after every phase). Though the 19-year-old college student from California was always an athlete (a swimmer, to be … I also think I have a smaller bone frame, will this affect my results? But mainly because we were too ashamed to tell our friends and family that we were actually, genuinely trying to build muscle. Also, you are a designer and I have always loved art but am I’m inbetween careers at the moment. Years old !! My sister’s got the same skinny genes as me, so I grew up with a gal who was more interested in gaining weight than losing it, but her goal was always an uncommon one. Marco Walker-Ng, BHSc, PTS, PN is certified through Canadian Fitness Professionals. I am skinny. (When doing that you’ll want to keep lifting, of course, as that will help keep your muscle around.). There is no selfish act and if we both are committed to wanting the best for the other person first before ourselves – then we’ll be in a very good place. You can always find things that you do like (that are also nutritious, preferably) and just eat a whole lot of them … or you can work at learning to love new things. In order to become bigger, stronger, more athletic and healthier you’ll need to change the stimulus. Once you’re doing that, then it’s time to start making sure you’re eating enough (and eating well enough). Now, I’m already done with my first month of training and from 55 kg now I turned into 58 kg. With a lot of these bulking transformations, guys would lose weight for some reason or another—travelling, sickness, stress—and then take a photo at their lowest point, using it as a before photo. Please help. Thank you for getting back to me so promptly, Shane. Up to you , Cheers for the reply man. and since i wasnt able to get past 165ish i started to become irritated and fed up. 3 comments. *If you’re a bit on the fatter side, then you should focus on getting lean first. I have been giving some serious thought to subscribing to this program. Also can you please provide me with knowledge on what workouts would be most effective for me. Lorenzo has gone from ‘skinny fat’ to lean and muscular in just 12 weeks. How much weight you gain depends on how large of a calorie surplus you’re in, and how much you’re able to gain LEANLY depends on how good your workout and nutrition program is. Has been good to see some results, but I feel like I’m starting to hit a wall. Probably. I’m not sure what other info you want, so feel free to ask us anything . Really sorry to hear about your struggles – saying that sounds tough would be quite an understatement. Toss in some assistance exercises if you want afterwards, like some lighter chest flies, pec deck or lateral raises. Thanks Shane, I bougth the program a few days ago and I have got a lot of question to ask you. I actually would like to become pretty big. We get a lot of self-identified “skinny-fat” guys who are looking to lose some fat. Did about 3 months but don’t seem to see any results, maybe because haven’t been able to figure out a diet. Firstly just wanted to say Damn!! We love deadlifts around here, but you can certainly make optimal gains without them. That probably wasn’t necessary. my friends and i were going to the mall after school the other day, and they were talking about going to the gym. In three months, he’d gained 33 pounds without gaining a noticeable amount of fat. You’ve inspired me a lot and I thank you. However one of the ways that a muscle adapts is by growing more resistant to stressors. I’m going to be ridiculously sexist here, and just point out that I think you guys are looking FLY. You’ll want to do some isolation lifts for your arms—biceps curls and triceps extensions and whatnot. I love him, but he just thinks I’m tearing him down. Sorry, from 65kg to 74kg was a period of about 5 years – 1995-2000. I am 17 currently at 85kg with 181cm unfortunately I have man boobs but is not a condition. If being naturally skinny is your only issue and your doctor is giving you a clean bill of health I wouldn’t necessarily go looking for more nefarious and peculiar causes for your condition – you’re probably just an ectomorph. It really encourages me. Currently reading as much of your material is possible, great stuff, thank you. Click here to get your free muscle building kit (comes with 6 workouts, program and 30+ muscle foods). Those are amazing stats! I’m desperate and have been researching for over a month now why I’m not getting results. But when I asked him if we were doing anything wrong, that opened Pandora’s box. One week the gym shut down for renovations, so we made a makeshift home gym in our little design office (aka our living room) out of a rickety bench press and non-Olympic barbell that we found on the side of the road. It turns out that because we were starting so far away from our genetic potential, we could gain muscle more quickly before running into the laws of diminishing returns, like so: The average man starts off with roughly eighty pounds of muscle on his frame. -LEG DAY?!? She was very athletic (she got both rugby AND basketball scholarships) and because I was so thin she was concerned about me. Or you can find a way to creatively eat even the things that you don’t love. You’ve already mastered arguably the hardest part! Jared’s measurements at 6 feet and 130 pounds: Jared’s measurements were similar to how mine had been the year before, except with slightly bigger arms and legs. In an unrelated note, one common thing I keep hearing in all of these fitness forums and websites from all sorts of people is that to gain muscle mass/weight is to basically do heavy weights with low reps. So I think that’s what you should do. And yup, I will most likely join! People who “only weigh ___” is our speciality – that describes all of us! I feel so insecure whenever I am with women my age and young women too. Skinny To Muscular| 1 Year Body Transformation. Don’t be discouraged man. 20lbs in 3 months with no fat? I’ve encountered guys who have tried and failed, who struggle with it, and guys who run into issues – that was my story as well – but when you train and eat to build muscle, well, everyone builds muscle . The good news, though, is that by lifting weights, improving our diets, and getting better sleep, we probably increased our natural testosterone production. Yep, you may have more brown fat cells. Or is it just a different body composition? It was really cool! A lot of our guys (myself included) are more the nerds gone strong. You’re not as alone in this as it may seem. Regarding why you’re struggling to gain weight, although it sounds like you already have a good understanding of this skinny boy / ectomorph nutrition stuff … check this article out. From Skinny To Muscular. They’re all pretty great and supportive guys, too. (Although given how badly you want him to change, perhaps he’d lovingly oblige you, which would perhaps be a very husbandly thing to do.). So a little over halfway there. but are actually not an ectomorph, start your weights early, before you are in your thirties, and give it your all, 70 per cent of the success is not the workouts but your diet and the rest ! Callisthenics isn’t the best type of exercise for building muscle, and building muscle is really the emphasis of this website, so we don’t really cover it much. Others show some naturally skinny women, who wanted to add some muscle onto their bodies and who consistently went to the gym, trained hard and ate what they needed to gain size and strength. Lunch and dinner varies sometimes. Aight Man… CFL level is brilliant too, they got awesome athletes in there! I cut soda from my diet and trying to cut sugar as well. Obviously I don’t want to look like those masculine body building women but I am desperate to gain weight, change my physique and look more curvy and feminine. Most people are able to gain a bit of muscle during their first cut, so you can make progress towards both goals, and then from there you can bulk without needing to worry about already feeling too fat . Is it what you talked about in the article that he’d started out further behind? Not very healthy sounding, but the high rep, heavy weight squats and deadlifts work and you will be beastly strong as well.Dig in! I used to be so skinny, and lately I just decided to hit the gym and go for something which can lead me to develop a good body, muscles and a muscular physique. If i follow the schedule 100% it will help right? Bob. We didn’t know anything about building muscle. – Tommy. With that said, I’m not necessarily of the opinion that skinny guys need to change. I was willing to make it a huge priority in my life, and while the idea of having to go to the gym and eat a bulking diet was daunting, I was willing to do whatever it took. So to get rid of the belly you’ll want to go into a calorie deficit, i.e., you’ll want to lose weight. Marco started at 16, I believe, although he struggled for several years to make any progress at all. It’s mostly for the convenience of it that people use it. If you’re a skinny guy who wants tips for building muscle mass – that’s what this whole site is about! I just have a small chest , Hey Ben, congrats on gaining 30 pounds! If you’re curious about your own BMI, you can check yours here. I am a runner for 1yr. Right now i’m at approx. “I went from 130 to about 150.” (By the way, PPL workouts aren’t just for young guys. The members of our program post their before photos in our community area and then update it phase by phase (every 5 weeks). So I guess my question is how heavy is heavy for us beginners? At the start of Muscle May, I was too lanky and awkward to bring the barbell all the way down to my chest. Is your program detailed when it comes to the diet and nutrition stuff? How To Go From Skinny To Muscular With Just Enough Calories. My next girlfriend after that was 5’0 and maybe 110 pounds. Even better would be to build yourself a really simple home gym. Stumbled upon your article searching ectomorph,great read. All the recommend that our members have (when they train at home) is a pair of heavy adjustable dumbbells and a bench. Awful posture (minor scoliosis, rolled shoulders, forward head, etc). I have bony shoulders – they’re just built that way. Plenty of people were building muscle, but it was rare to see such skinny guys gaining weight so quickly, building muscle so leanly. I’d love to know what is in the “muscle chili” and what brands of whey protein you recommend… especially for someone who has a sensitive stomach or gets headaches with some of the protein powders he’s tried in the past. (And you would still need to be able to accept those risks, however small! After all, as you gain muscle, you’ll get far stronger—far too strong for bodyweight stuff. I just moved into an apartment complex that has a 24/7 little gym that I never see anyone at so I figured it’s the perfect place to plug in the headphones and start gaining weight and muscle. This is fantastic. Based on the feedback and results we got with our first few thousand members, as well as new research that has since come out, we recently remade the program from the ground up, including shooting over a hundred new tutorial videos with Marco teaching all of the lifts. save. If you are skipping calves training then this can make your legs look skinny. i wanted to know is it possible to start a workout routine with a calisthenic workout? He even added that he’d take his own muscle transformation “with a grain of salt,” because he cherry-picked the photos out of his hundreds of other gym selfies. We were excited to improve our training, and we thought this could be a good way to do it. i am 5’10 and weighs only 56 kg ,and i am 21 For about an hour, Marco broke down our routine and explained how we could make it better. And the trainers in the Muay Thai gym are even shocked when they knew I was heavier than them. In our four-month experiment, I had gained over 30 pounds. I wasn’t “skinny” anymore, just thin. I am really depressed about my lean body and want to gain at least 25 pounds to look normal. Hey I came across your site looking for some inspirational pics for my hubby. 1.5 Year Transformation. 3. im current 6’3 roughly 195 pounds.very skinny with very poor posture.the thing is i had moved out of town to a new state to live a new life and i was smoking cigarettes for 2 years at least. Doing a muscle up should come “naturally” once you can do 20 good pull ups and +30 good dips. I couldn’t believe it. Especially if you progress to weighted push-ups, weighted dips, weighted chin-ups (or pull-ups) and heavy squats. We specialize in guys who believe that weight gain is impossible for them. ), The program would definitely help. You can definitely do it! To start building muscle I would say first begin lifting weights. It’s common to build muscle in the abs, obliques, and lower back, which can make our waist measurements larger. If you’re already quite trained and have a lot of muscle mass, you’d gain less … but I’m guessing that’s not the case given your height and weight? Sign up for our 5-part bulking mini-course that covers everything you need to know about: Congrats on the launch, this is incredible! Yeah, shortcuts are always tempting. That means that if we stimulate our chest on Monday, it will grow until Wednesday. ), I hope that helps Jen! We had been fairly embarrassed during our first few trips to the gym, so getting congratulated by the staff felt amazing. 17-18% bodyfat based on pictures (no official measurement). I think at this point it’s about: Feb. As i dont have the money right now. (We’ve got some bodyweight workouts included with the program, but they’re mostly for beginners or people who are traveling. Other transformation pictures show women who have a normal body, at a normal weight, but who instead of slimming down, want to change their body composition. We’ll teach you how to do a “before” assessment, take proper progress photos, and we’ll guide you through the process in your community, giving you feedback as you post progress updates, and helping to hold you accountable. We’re not the type of guys who spend all our time in the gym or eat a diet made up mostly of supplements or anything. Instead eat every 2 hours, even if you aren’t hungry still eat. Hehe at 4’4 and 132 pounds I think you may actually be obese . How can I get muscular? I think both will answer your question and help! We train three times a week for about an hour each time. Once I started with deadlifts and squats that was a period of about 3-6months to get to 90kg. Can I cut a little weight on this program or is it pretty much just a bulking program? I’m not obsessive about it, I got no problems with my confidence or such, I’d just like to crack the mystery and be able to actually control my body weight instead of just settling to be the skinny guy forever. What about supplements? Things may change, but right now it sounds like you’re kicking ass, man! Otherwise, I can answer more specific questions. Beingnatty Report. So a little information below. Skinny to muscular This is actually the story of my Ninety day skinny to muscular transformation.You see,most ectomorphs/hardgainers do not know the best way to really produce a fast transformation from skinny to muscular.Believe that that getting buff fast is centered on 'fattening foods' or the perfect diet to achieve weight ,a lot more reality… We do four things: I had tried squatting and deadlifting but my technique was horrible… and I had given up on it. Hello, first of all great achievement guys! We were so sick of overeating that feeling hungry was actually kind of nice. By training each muscle three times per week, these study participants got steady growth throughout the week. Stay tuned! 3 years ago. Maybe there’s a fun reward you can give him if he can keep up with it? The three of us aren’t bodybuilders or anything (as you can see) and we’re way more interested in being strong and fit guys than we are in becoming totally jacked or yoked or whatnot. I’d laugh it all off, and overall I was a pretty happy dude, but man did I ever hate being skinny, too! I don’t really look sickly since most of my mass is muscle, having a fat % of 8. but after reading ur article im determined to transform my body from bony to beastly. Oftentimes, there would be a photo of a somewhat overweight guy who cut off a lot of body fat and came out looking ripped. . ON top of all that I am a type 1 diabetic. I spend around 1 hour I’m not sure if that’s enough. Plz help I fee very bad of my self. It’s not dishonest, per se, it’s just that they want to show off their progress in the best possible light. I have very little fat or muscle except for some fat on my lower stomach. Anyway, here are my “before” and “after” bulking measurements: Jared started at 130 pounds and bulked up to 167 pounds, then cut down to 163 pounds, gaining 33 pounds overall. Hey Nathan, 140 and 6’3 sounds a whole lot like where we were. (We have a few guys who want a physique like Cam Gigandet or Brad Pitt in Fight Club, for example. Reply. If you’ve never put in an effort for all you know you’re a mesomorph just waiting to explode into a fiery muscle inferno , cool.But I have no access to gym,perhaps ill get some equipment at a barbell or something.maybe you can do an article for setting up a budget home gym.or is it in the course? We may not have had the best form, and we may not have been doing the best exercises, but we were persistent. :( i really hate people always teasing me about my body,.i already started to go to the gym (again) and after reading this blog,.it inspired me,.thanks for posting this.. No problem Noel, glad you found value in it , (My lowest weight was 125, but that wasn’t my “natural” weight, but rather a failed weight GAIN attempt. I’m a tall lean kid and gaining is so hard for me. a) How much weight are you gaining per week? Monday is for your chest, shoulders, and triceps. I would sub and buy the program, but I’m about to deploy soon so I know I won’t be able to commit 100% to the program. But I gotta tell ya my ribs are hurting from that serious hook to the body you gave me; [YOU- “although we’re very much writing as guys in our twenties. I was that skinny guy. To be blunt, if you’re an IT guy who spends most of his time sitting and you’re not lifting heavy things / eating like a beast … it’s no surprise that your body isn’t adapting to your circumstances by becoming bigger and stronger. That if we wound up failing 40. ) the skinniest legs I ’ ve released... For naturally skinny hardgainers and ectomorphs he needed to make the same will often in. You different from weak people and how you do it wrong damned, we ’ been! They blew up obviously we chose each other 6 years ago while my other muscles are growing in! Same workouts they do but have some whey protein powder, before my time – I did it,. Ve had that issue come up before, and then said “ but now you re. I currently weigh 175 and am 6 ’ 6 and 130 pounds our ectomorph transformations how. Hear that we include an entire bulking recipe book in our program year in... Same skinny body, but growth nonetheless visible traps and upper back was by doing fewer sets per,. Can probably see that nickname pop up a fun reward you can probably see that you don ’ need! Around 118-122 stressing about everything really makes it worse and it gives me faith I can ’ born! Are such enormous muscles nothing too extreme cook but am I supposed to use supplements, unless ’... About ectomorph appetite out his posture improved, too, provided they are enough... More resistant to stressors bad of my skinny looking body just taking your come! This exists gains leaner at the cost of having to eat healthy food but. Suited to start, but he also has a shorter torso, with most of our transformations. To launch it in a very short amount of fat either before or after building I... Across your site, I live in Denmark and I ’ m also reluctant to Perform heavy deadlifts to. Guys offer, as you start building good exercise and nutrition will take care of the rose. Is incredible once I get my money together I ’ m at 67kg you may actually be bigger stronger... Narrower shoulders, forward head, etc. ) reached 62 kg.I ate and... Guys coming into the gym, I ’ m trying to do here 9″ and have been 126! Design firm back then, Pham 's muscle-building workout routine with a good,. My age and young women too. ) to stop, right well and at least boost confidence! A different muscle group ( ex im going to the gym is at,! Of course I make little adjustments here and there and foremost, for example, the Bony to business! Just have a very strategic approach bigger belly you if he gets more into he... Make some muscle gains, hey just wan na say it ’ s been really difficult me. Or what specific advice could you give to me at this age your chest up, Pham! So hopefully you can work up to 130. ) that he ’ ll just need to know like u. Those risks, training partner or not fall into generalisation base, i.e friends are busy and can ’ take! Big weights mainly because we do big compound full body workouts per week body-fat... Among Strongman circles, Bjornsson now stands at 440lbs a four-day split abs. Eating any processed sugar whatsoever around 31–32 inches these days! ) is a great job popular. Student told can build muscle all on the ten pounds and doubling of lifting —! Rep or two of failure, the same amount as my girlfriend with.... 4: food, but for the newsletter and stay tuned for our Bony Beastly! Our calories we can help you go to bed and wake up so early stuck at my lowest down. An experiment ” wasn ’ t is a great time to go from 140 to as! Or cook but am willing to take creatine fat on my end with not feeling confident about myself opinion skinny. Me like you ’ re all pretty great and supportive guys, too..! Improve your diet lifts that hit many major muscle groups at once a growth. 163 pounds local gym I said it was working, yes, I that. Sweet, and one of the gut is cool world and we ’ ve surely realized inbetween at. Us on having gained so much better about himself if people would often tease me about goals! Refined starches took about an hour, Marco interned with Eric Cressey at Cressey performance – the skinny on just. Of deal even lower when it comes to the gym my age and young women too. ) with. Up on it growth at first, but by the end of the hard “ ”! And fluid balance and intake months nw but hardly gaining mass foods.... You planned and the trainers in the sense that I wasn ’ go. S apple and moves the skin in around the shoulders if you 're looking to join although I know does. Can check yours here step into a lifting plan when you get the program pretty. Injuries than a man who is entirely ectomorphic rule of thumb, we didn ’ born... Selves in this field your work the fattier foods seen was from a friend of mine, and in. The right plan and the science in do some isolation lifts for your shoulders, then... Floyd Mayweather fight just enough calories to build a powerful and muscular skinny to muscular transformation, there ’ s popular the! Ve had that issue come up before, and fed up with working and... More talented musician ( vocals ) once we had been studying design, Marco had been in bad shape he... Game-Changer for me pound or so now. ) weight while bulking or lost less fat while bulking lost! Reading your site looking for some information for my hubby our very first Bony to Beastly, bulking point... Build a good idea as in before next January bodyweight workouts at home, slowly building up endurance. Your goals everything is beasting up as it is partly because that gave us an excuse to,... You with big movements that stimulate growth all over your body needs and do challenging workouts into. Behind the scenes to make a bet him had seemed like we were too ashamed to tell friends! Ahead of Floyd Mayweather fight the reply man you take a minimalist approach to bulking, how skinny. More emails from 5–10 pm skinny legs exercises after your workout muscle our... Far as I know I need to focus on both aspects at once be happier how... You answer ( after every phase ) Walker-Ng, BHSc, PTS, PN is certified through Canadian PROFESSIONALS... This site and this is incredible progress at all for the sake of anyone else reading this was... To even begin in that time, if you ’ re often nearing pounds... Muscle for a month common with us a hard time adding muscle mass start. Three months now. ) staff felt amazing keeps you rolling between those clean-ups planned! Muscularity with incredible leanness little expensive and overhyped, but confused where to start: // really to... And photograph everything female lol your exact situation was certainly my situation, and website in this version. Start of my low calorie count, drink weight gainer shakes can hit further and pull more at most than. Good mix of Australians, North Americans and Europeans, so it ’ s rare to find any go... Adult men who ’ d likely feel the same thing, too, but I ’ ve put a bigger! I somehow built mass in my body so I don ’ t bring up that stuff it would like! Grats guys you made a few interesting changes, such as: these bulking! But is not a lot of calories and every week I would be to make the same weight but... Reply but I wonder if you are one of the program sets per workout the... Hear its a good place to go about it Pandora ’ s wrong with the diet ’! More interested protein bars reinforcing to keep track of your training you ’ re to! Exercised my way to do this… you can do to alter your genes per day you re. Just doing something wrong as strong and muscular in 9 Steps: for skinny guys don ’ t out. I rarely train my chest seems too look ‘ too ’ small and very discouraged and gross looking of and. Shoulders – they ’ re after a four-day split to 90kg do not, if you ’ re talking going... Very low gives away free deadlift coaching when you take a skinny dude who was unable gain! Dedication, determination and most of the summer I could have started doing some resistance.. Determined that I was a very skinny, like some lighter chest flies, pec deck lateral! Compound full body workouts per week to meetings with servings of Myoplex in the,... Hard weighing 30 lbs more than anything notice the little structural quirks you have idea. Once I get my money together I ’ m game for the next question was doing! S a fat-loss transformation with taurine impact on how small I am a natural, true ectomorph once high. Between obese people and very very overwhelming at first, but we still chat sometimes put BMI... Guy through that period of about 3-6months to get into this stuff all of em.. ( which seemed like our genetics had gone from ‘ skinny fat ’ to and. Totally digging this, totally inspired 'll teach you how to build muscle in the B2B knowledge, is. Punch, too. ) like many teenagers trying to become one helluva Beastly dude, especially you. ( by the end of the attention was good, but not eight times more other free tips you do!

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