Making chocolate candy is fun for everyone involved, especially kids and family members. Chocolate Molds We design, manufacture and distribute professional-quality polycarbonate chocolate molds. From Christmas to Easter and everything in between. Custom molds for chocolate, candy, and other types of confectionary must be food safe, flexible, and, ideally, reuseable. custom candy molds that volunteers or students and parents can do together that will make your efforts pay off like these treats do! We specialize in • Custom soap molds • Custom wax molds • Custom chocolate molds • Reproductions • Prototypes Who We Are… We’re a small, highly-skilled group located in Portland, Oregon with a focus on both excellent customer service and exceptional custom mold … Place your logo or photo on these moulds (molds) for a high quality semi-custom polycarbonate chocolate design; less cost and less time to process over fully custom moulds! Select from bars, tablets, and individual pieces in Series 1000 (275 x 135mm) and Series 2000 (275 x 175mm) size configurations. Shop now. : These are some sweet treats that look sweet! CUSTOM CHOCOLATE MOLDS Fully Custom Chocolate Molds Your Vision, In Chocolate. Quality plastic candy molds made in the USA. Create your own custom candies, chocolates, and gummies with custom molds. So you’re considering a custom chocolate mold? Chocolate Molds We carry a substantial selection of professional chocolate equipment, products, and accessories ranging from molds, coloring, wrapping, spray guns and chablon mats, to ganache frames, transfer sheets, tempering machines, showpiece casting molds… Fulfill your chocolate making goals with the wide selection of about 3000 chocolate molds with Candy Crafts. I mold my object out of clay, but you can do this with any object! Our silicone chocolate molds are made from 100% silicone rubber and are safe for your children and loved ones. While prints made from stereolithography (SLA) resins aren’t suitable for directly molding foods, an SLA 3D printer is the perfect tool to create mold negatives, which can be vacuum formed using food-safe plastic. Choose from polycarbonate chocolate molds, silicone candy molds, THC molds, custom plastic molds, and more here at Bold Maker! Vector Molds carries a variety of candy molds including CBD molds, THC molds, silicone molds for dog treats, custom molds, and more! When it comes to customized chocolate molds, there is only one place to … You picked the right company for the job. Choose your preferred sizes, quantity, material, and more. Our huge portfolio of professional chocolate molds has thousands of designs to choose from, and our in-house team can custom-make nearly any mold - from logo bars to complex 3D pieces. Custom Chocolate Mold! You'll find chocolate candy molds for every theme, occasion, and holiday. If you have any questions please ask!Materials needed: Object to be molded, two part silicone, cardboard, hot glue gun, chocolate, and … The largest selection of chocolate molds available.

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