by Steve Gibson. An ashy finish with some apricots. This English single malt was drawn from Oloroso, Pedro Ximénez and cream sherry casks, along with a small number of red wine casks in there too. Colour: deep gold. This site uses cookies to provide and improve your shopping experience. I do recall the offer, but at the time it was amidst an onslaught of rival offers and clubs from the new wave of distilleries. There’s also been feedback from the Founders’ membership who believed the club included access to their first ever release, which wasn’t the case. Some of the big whisky websites are funded by corporate groups. At the end of the day, it comes down to the liquid and whether you are happy as a member. Apples, vanilla, honey and walnuts. Steel Bonnets from The Lakes Distillery is an intriguing blended malt, made with whiskies from both Scotland and England! The Lakes Distillery have released the new Whiskymaker’s Reserve, the No.3, this release is an full on aromatic expression, matured in the Pedro Ximenez, Oloroso, Cream Sherry and red wine casks, this will be a very intriguing release for whisky enthusiasts and collectors alike, bottled at 54% ABV this is a powerful sherried single malt. Mere geography or a water source only goes so far and that’s mostly within marketing. The nature of our art is whisky, the inspiration of our art is nature. Single Malt; Blends; World Whisky. The Lakes feels like it is stumbling towards something that is still a fair distance away. Our artistic philosophy is founded on the expression of beauty, the true liquid embodiment of our stunning surroundings. 70cl, 46.6%. Malt. On the nose: apples, mint leaf, lemon, wine gums and a creamy mellow white coffee. Behold, the second release from The Lakes Distillery's Whiskymaker's Reserve series! And what might seem like easy money to some distilleries initially, really is an important benchmark as to how they can be trusted and how they do business. We don’t want to sell out, because we want to keep challenging the industry. We successfully auctioned off the first 99 bottles of our inaugural single malt whisky The Lakes Genesis through which completed on 10th July 2018. About; Scoring Bands; Get in touch; Scotch. The Lakes new make spirit. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. The architecture of each release of … What is the DNA that stands the Lakes apart from the rest of the pack? All Rights Reserved. The very first bottle of our single malt, bottle #1 of the Lakes Genesis whisky, has secured a world record for the most expensive bottle of whisky sold… June 26, 2018 The Lake District goes to Imbibe Live The Lakes Distillery has unveiled the first in a series of widely available single malt whisky releases that will showcase the house style defined by their whiskymaker, Dhavall Gandhi. $150 per 750 ml. English; ... English; April 14, 2016. Christmas at The Lakes. £364.52 Save £19.19. The Lakes Genesis: The first release of the distillery . McHardy retired in 2014 but was soon tempted out of his armchair by the prospect of developing a new English malt whisky in the Dartmoor National Park. Our artistic philosophy is founded on the expression of beauty, the true liquid embodiment of our stunning surroundings. The Lakes Single Malt Whisky A collection of single malt whisky from The Lakes Distillery. English distillery the Lakes has unveiled Whiskymaker’s Reserve No.1, the first in a new series of limited edition single malts said to ‘showcase the house style’ of the distillery’s future whiskies. He is also the online editor for Distilled. £65. The Lakes Single Malt / The Whiskymaker's Reserve No.2. On the nose: caramel, vanilla, nougat, a sherry influence, chocolate, raddish, woodchips, apples and peaches. The very first release from The Lakes Distillery's Whiskymaker's Reserve series! A few dried cranberries, but there’s not a huge amount of tartness to balance. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. At The Lakes, their whisky is more than a drink. You can reach out via Instagram. The Lakes new make spirit. Thankfully, years 3 and 4 showcase some blending skill. Lakes Single Malt Whisky. The Whiskymaker’s Reserve No. The Lakes Distillery Founders’ Club offered 2975 individuals for £595, the opportunity to follow their developing spirit and whisky for a decade. 2 Single Malt English Whisky Bottle cost: £53.29 This malt has been matured in Pedro Ximenez, red wine and bourbon casks. 5 (4 Reviews) In Stock. The Lakes Single Malt Whisky. Single Malt; World Whisky; June 16, 2018. inspirational gifts. We’ve all received the email and invitation to join an exclusive … The Lakes Distillery Company plc, Setmurthy, Near Bassenthwaite Lake, Cumbria CA13 9SJ Registered Office: 1st Floor Grandstand Garage, Kenton Road, Newcastle NE3 4NB VAT … Eventually, the English whisky was bottled at cask strength, a generous 60.9% ABV. Learn all about sherry casks and English whisky, because we filmed our trip to The Lakes Distillery! For all the glitzy adverts and proclamations about limited and value, it pays to ask questions and read the small print. $150 per 750 ml. Lakes Distillery Visit. A work of alchemy. Each year, receiving a full-sized bottle plus to 2 handy 5cl samples to keep track of the progress. In the mouth: there is some lovely balance b… October 21, 2019. My co-editor is a member of this initiative and has given us his views on the 3-year-old back in November 2018, as well as the 1-year-old spirit. Slight wood spices and white chocolate. The key thing for 1 and 2 is that these were bottled at 40% and this decision really hampered the experience. Book a table in the Bistro. The Lakes Single Malt whisky, called Genesis, is being sold at cask strength in a bespoke rosewood presentation box, each individually numbered and hand signed by Dhavall Gandhi, the Whiskymaker. Whisky reviews, news & features without favour. Oh, and the Lakes Distillery is quite near Penrith. by Jason August 16, 2020 July 25, 2020. Menomonee Valley Single Malt Whisky. I decided to back the Harris distillery and look forward to their whisky when the time comes. Single Malt; Blends; World Whisky. A collection of single malt whisky from The Lakes Distillery. Their approach: an artistic one. Your email address will not be published. Hay barns, dust covers and … After these 2 years I’m left questioning what is the distillery character? Exceptional diversions from our sherry-led house style, each unique bottling of Whiskymaker's Editions is an expression of creative freedom, the product of a playground where instinct, experience and inspiration roam free, coming together to realise one intrinsic objective: the creation of outstanding flavours. Meanwhile, the Lakes distillery has come in for some criticism regarding their releases and pricing, including from Adam. A freshh lemon zing, spirity, warming and apples. £54.17. English Single Malt Whisky; Distillery Bottling; 70cl / … Despite a stint at the Old Bushmills Distillery in Northern Ireland, McHardy returned to Springbank where he would oversee the rebirth of Glengyle distillery and develop their Kilkerran single malt. Others do paid-for content with brands. Distilled in a pot still and derived only from malted … Plenty of dried fruits in there, at the upper end of the scale: apricots, sultanas. Some of us have taken the next step and signed up for such an experience for a variety of reasons.