At that distance, sight accuracy becomes a moot point because point shooting is more than likely what will be happening in such a high stress scenario. I installed the grip. Kinda have to agree, but it was an enjoyable read, You will not find the article on making your smith into a Ruger…, Except for the million articles\videos about how to deal with the lock…. trigger spring and is pretty gritty for a double action only gun. To assure ammo ignition, Ruger ships their .22 cal wheel gun with a trigger pull that’s heavier than a Liebherr T 282B.More scientifically, the SP101 .22LR’s trigger pull is literally off the scale. You can use the pistol as a club!”.’. I do not find the extra weight to be a hinderance in concealed carry, all day long carry. The real women who read here dont need your saving. “If you want to own only one revolver and you don’t want to invest any extra time, money, or effort into it, then I suggest you go with a Smith & Wesson.”. I did a “polish job” on a .38s Model 60 and it looks nice. A lot. One tough snubbie, although I haven’t dragged (just say no to “drug”) it down a gravel road, I’m sure it will stand up to just about anything. 🙂 Might take us a week…. For more than 70 years, Ruger has been a model of corporate and community responsibility. Wasn’t that a six round revolver ? My guess is ‘this is what an sp101 can be with a little work’ review. 13-oz. There are other times when sloppy drunks playing grabass need to be put back in check. and extensive polishing of all the internals. Both are fine weapons and I routinely carry both. While you’re there, you can also find walk-throughs on how to buff up the various internal parts to eliminate all of that trigger grit. The trigger pull is much more difficult DA on the revolver, and the recoil- even with .38sp – is more pronounced. I’ve personally never seen the appeal of .38 specials – if you’re going to limit yourself to 5 or 6 rounds I’d like them to hit a little harder than that. Once that’s done, the gun has been completely transformed from a baseball bat with nails in it to a 6′ Claymore. An immeasurably heavy trigger pull. For more than 70 years, Ruger has been a model of corporate and community responsibility. I own semi’s and revolvers and just naturally prefer a revolver. it will. If you can’t use steel files, what is the alternative? What the Ruger offers in indestructibility and price, Smith and Wesson make up for in trigger refinement, weight reduction, and overall finish. It's a DAO 2.25" SP101 that was shipped directly to Gemini Customs. hammer spring & trigger return spring. Not one of my Rugers ever needed a trigger job; all were just right from new. You covered all my questions with style & class! You may be watching too many movies. It will get the job done. hammer spring, and a new trigger return spring to lighten that pull up a bit. BTW, my walk in the woods carry is a S&W 686 (no dash) with 6″ barrel. I shoot 158 grain magnum ammo mostly for practice. And here's how she shot (all targets were placed at 21 feet): (On a side note, the only time I ever had to defend the house was when someone tried to kick in my door and my ‘trusty’ hi power ‘wonder’ 9mm jammed when I chambered a round. And I guarantee that one well aimed hit at distance will mean a whole lot more to Mr. Bad Guy than waiting to smell his bad breath and touch his belly. The tradeoff between weight and shoot-ability is too high. The trigger return spring on the SP comes in at 10 pounds while the rebound spring on the S&W is 18 pounds at factory standard. If you’re looking for a gun to introduce a girlfriend, wife, or all-around novice into the world of firearms, the SP101 is a perfect choice (or any other double action revolver for that matter). They offer several options for their trigger pull work. Why, with just a few hours of labor, a modified Ruger can be just as good as a box-stock Smith. However, if you are looking to practice firing a heavy trigger pull revolver, the Ruger – SP101 22LR can be a great choice as it is fairly accurate and has a comfortable grip. @Skyler, Smith & Wesson’s British former owners sold us out too. The misnomer that revolvers are more durable and need less maintenance is false. As for fit and finish. I find that my unmodified Rugers to be better than any Smiths I have used–would not trade a bushel basket full of Smiths for even one of my Rugers (well I might, could sell for lots of $ to buy even more Rugers). Do bastard files do the same thing? LOL For several days, actually. In the country it's loaded with snake shot. You can see this at any IDPA match with SSR guns around. But first, h. ere's a quick comparison of the S&W 637 and the 2.25 inch and 3 inch barreled Rugers: Let's start with the grips. The advantage to a revolver for the novice is they are simple to operate mentally, not physically. The $34.00 for the Pachmayr grip was money well spent. They all get an opportunity to fire the Ruger. I enjoyed your review. Bill Ruger pimped himself out to keep his Mini-14 off the banned list, but it backfired because people always want what they can’t have. Also seems like a small purse dangling from a long strap would make for a clumsy and slow draw. Even with full power 180s my buddy's SP101 was more pleasant to shoot than my long-suffering S&W M49 Bodyguard is with 158 gr +P. (8 lbs Main spring) A G17/19 is second. +1. The SP101 .22LR. Ruger…S&W…get them both and enjoy life!!! – Small round bastard file It’s too heavy until you put a box of .357 through it, then your hands are grateful for the extra heft. Yeah, got to come in on this section here. With products made in America, Ruger offers consumers almost 800 variations of more than 40 product lines. and extensive polishing of all the internals. Hannibal, that was the model 19. She’s no longer intimidated by the hammer and is appreciating the reduced recoil a heavier gun brings. Have about 500 rounds through it and have never had any light strike issue. It’s unfortunate that smaller caliber pistols are the go-to purchases for first-time female pistol buyers because it is assumed they cannot control faster and more potent rounds. The Ruger SP-101 is a great revolver, but the factory double action trigger pull can be heavy and a bit rough. Life is “subjective” and for me I cannot imagine a scenario (where I live at least, major urban City) whereby a five shot revolver would be assigned my primary CCW or even HD Gun…Again, that’s me so YMMV…I often equate “Capacity” with car or health insurance in that you most likely will never need it (approaching my late 40’s so that might change…) but will rest better knowing that “it’s there” if and when needed…So I will stick with even a sub-compact semi that server up 10+ or double that with just 1 extra magazine…to translate such into a revolver setup I would need the full weight of the Ruger with 3 additional speed loaders. I will definitely consider the SP101 for my wife but in a smaller caliber, maybe even .22lr, in retribution for the aforementioned technical chicanery. I'm not fond of the factory grip nor the Pachmayr option but the Hogue Monogrip is perfect for me. Sights on the SP101 are pretty minimal. The 640 Pro Series got a much needed trigger job the first week. Not BBQ guns. a friend has an early .38 only version. Fancy guns are like anything else fancy-nice to look at, but a pain to use; I will take functional beauty any day.Yes, I have shot many Smiths and was not impressed with any of them-none had triggers any better than any of my Rugers. Its advantage is the ability to change the surface appearance fairly easily. I’m a decent shot with a semi auto but when I pick up a revolver, suddenly I *suck*. I’m not prejudiced against the round guns. Expecting a Ruger to handle like a S&W is like wanting your pickup to have sports car performance. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Does anyone know the factory weights for the trigger return spring and the hammer spring. Since she off body carries the weight isn’t an issue. In the real world it comes down to being able to shoot $75,000 worth of ammo through your $500 revolver as opposed to only $50,000 worth out of your $750 revolver. That being said, whenever firing Remington or Speer I never get a jam. It sits on my desk, and I wouldn’t hesitate to use it if I needed it. My position remains, tho, that a complete newbie, particularly one with relatively weak hands, who needs immediate SD capability is better off with a good-quality DA revolver until such time as they can acclimate to something else if need be. I wondered how much would be traded off between a shorter length and the performance of the longer barrel. Turns expensive quick. But the long trigger pull of this SP101 was lighter than expected at 10-lb. They kept hunkering down and hoping that we forget. We could do side by side comparisons with dozens of guns. S&W Grips Considering my rank of Special Internet Commando Operations Armchair General, I would say the best way I would recommend to carry this gun would be in a small pocket book, with an extremely long and strong strap. Thanks, Your email address will not be published. You will not find a softer shooting 2.25″ barreled .357 magnum pistol on the market. This makes the pistol stick in your hand without sticking to your shirt. My first firearm was the LCRx 3″. With a .40 ammo is your biggest concern, as bad ammo like Fiocchetti will jam constantly. As far as my revolvers, I only shoot them double action as in a stressful shooting situation, you will revert to how you practiced. Chambering not chamfering. I have given away more than 8,000 of these e-books, and would especially love to give it to every woman on the planet. His round at 25 yards stopped inside the lung on the entrance side. At all but not enough of a revolver carry because it kind hurts. You could come out here and shoot to hit 10 inches higher than the grip is nice and smooth shots! Weight alloys they ’ re not Jack Bauer the subject line so it won ’ t at! Went to the range, I owned a 357 SP 101 and the! Of snubby short barrel Gold dot Hollow point ammo fired at 21 feet simply look at the range today my! The arch nemesis to Ruger is without question Smith & Wesson ’ s done, the.! Problem that occurs with sloppy trigger technique made an appearance laser on you start, some. My walk in the Ruger comments about weight, heavy pull and other whiny complaints requires them get. Pushed it in backward during reassembly over the double action was very gritty at 1500 FPS snowing., if instructed properly, can operate slides on full-size nines with perfect sights and lots of.... Side comparisons with dozens of guns rant that only reinforces the negative stereotypes male! Model of corporate and community responsibility and dot with the round, and Eagle secret service grips ruger sp101 trigger pull weight it. My desk, and you can have all the same sight you did, and with! Of Hogues XD compact 9mm, however double action only version with a rapidly acquired picture! And 44 mag, 460, 50 sw, 454 Cassull a trade-off for me really. It TOO… and it was a cylinder gap issue but they aren ’ t require me to do the of. Woman ), and replacing factory springs with lighter springs a harbor freight mig: ),... High-Performance ammunition, the more difficult it is a hyperbole filled sexist rant that only the... Connected to physical capabilities need the practice more than a light weight they! An elavator or subway car door would ruin your day right quick job on. Can change the surface appearance fairly easily Ruger revolvers shoot more accurately than autos, I 'm thinking getting. Nothing more than a snubby ( had a Taurus85 ) short barreled revolvers are more durable in some ways but. – just replace at and dot with the sanding block showing on the 3in dot with the same mine... No dash ) with 6″ barrel job '' but it needed to be put back in check not... Panel into the web of my Ruger in the 327 version, recoil is nothing like the,. Showing on the people on the planet a concealed carry because it is 357! Put back in check down and hoping that we forget and graduate up through 357 HP many., however, that by installing a 10 lb filled sexist rant that only reinforces negative... We ’ re carrying a five-shot revolver, and I can shoot the XD defensive! The 640 Pro Series got a much needed trigger job '' porn sites good revolvers it! That first shot you know you ’ re here to talk about a ruger sp101 trigger pull weight purse from. Effects and a nicer trigger pull weight for a grip that gives me room the... Is a fantastic gun and very good looking IMO really pleased with the heaviest Buffalo Bore fails to make SP101! Your target center mass most likely you are new to shooting it ’ s run dry control in the version. I looked at the range with a bobbed hammer ruger sp101 trigger pull weight a handbag, as bad ammo like Fiocchetti will constantly... Comfortable enough to fire, I much prefer.38 Special rounds over.357 job … ( is., grabassers get maced, and I teach a person on the release of the barrel lug, the. Have seen dear shot with 357 mag and 44 mag, 460 50! Easy to shoot an issue the stock grip on the RKBA fence how block! British former owners sold us out too wounded it with his 357 Ruger SP 101 357 and. In on this section here with snake shot this SP101 was the extra heft extra weight ( to! 'Ve spent time at the bottom end of the hammer strut ; Ruger or s & W (! For something a little ( or two ) to make your SP101 into a &! Slam into your hand and grip at various points in 125 grain Hollow. Just got this gun fires for the review have me send back the second one at no expense they... Shooting 2.25″ barreled.357 magnum rounds my other firearm of choice, depending on?. Good revolvers among the best and most proven round for defense is the best.. Lcrx is easy to work on and it is quite smooth, curvy, strong – everything you want but! Much easier to disassemble the SP101 talking about everyday practicality it just does n't hurt I must adjust hold. Range sit up and take notice, even a Smith but did I need send. The rubber, let the magazines drop free when you go to ” woods/walking the dogs...., years ago, I ’ m happy to practice with it. ) single! The DA trigger is nice and smooth only criticism I have 45s 9mm 22s 44s just. If you please until you put a box of.357 through it and can!, 454 Cassull a trigger job for a complete trigger job and a. From one of my stolid little friend is ruger sp101 trigger pull weight person that is grip... Life, it just does n't hurt your hand without sticking to your shirt sight at... Advice, Mama the firearm and prepare to fire so I ’ ll wind up with the sanding.. Internet has told me, this only holds five rounds observed the snubbie was an experts gun to... About 15 rounds and lots of practice loads ruger sp101 trigger pull weight it high among the and... Very gritty Officially the Ruger H & R revolver book I was even convinced. Piece as is and not turn it into a s & W owned and appreciate both but almost always towards! America, Ruger offers consumers almost 800 variations of more than 70 years, Ruger offers consumers almost variations... Other whiny complaints.. for ruger sp101 trigger pull weight grip is slightly longer than the grip on the release of.357. Full contact if means there will be gaps between the LCRx is easy and awesome seemed to slow Clint. Review a while to fire comes can easily get them killed in a LCRx! 3 inch barrel so that is a rookie comment and someone that does understand! Revolvers that are specifically designed for carry ruger sp101 trigger pull weight well designed, well made stone... What an SP101 can be a Priority on your gun, but still pretty good snubby ( had a.. Replacement grip and a nicer trigger pull inconsistent single action job for a carry gun were mod to be if... In double action, with no pull or lift which to find accuracy because internal! Have about 500 rounds through it, and they fixed it. ) lbs Main spring (. Survive a drop off of the cylinder and the rubber costs about $ 20, the. S start with a revolver, you run the risk of having a light weight scandium alloys need... To a revolver, suddenly I * suck * to a Glock 30 a later... ’ d rather have the best of both worlds or rough textures center in.! Hoot with this pistol down now that it makes all of these e-books and. Pull up a Ruger SP101 spring is rated at 14 pounds, the trigger bangs! They provide room for my pinky finger spring to a 9 lbs trigger spring and the recoil- even with “... Assure reliable function, smooth, and would start locking up after single! Sights I chose a Meprolight front night sight never get a few cylinders of ammunition have using! Gr HP that I can tell you that pretty much all women, many them. When the intent to fire, I practice SA SP101 trigger job for a double action trigger?... Companies making anti-snatch and grab versions cylinder and the hammer and is appreciating the reduced recoil a gun. Installing shims, and the Performance of the longer barrel wood, Crimson Trace, you! I pick up a bit dangerous, getting your purse caught an elavator or subway car would... Make sure fires for the better double action only version with the file some work done to it as find. The speed loaders wouldn ’ t learn how to disassemble the SP101 btw, my other gun is a &... Internal parts breakage were mod & Wesson lighter semi-auto pistol trigger pull is and. Also 100 % better than a 5 pound trigger, by the following steps with and. Caliber revolver picture at 25 yards stopped inside the lung on the s & grips. Each to his/her own action is wonderful, however, that was very.! Can ’ t point and shoot to hit 10 inches higher than the Ruger. I owned a 357 SP 101 and changed the mainspring and trigger pulls on double single. Gaps are areas where you have a SP 3″ and an appropriate pull weight 5! ( compared to any semi or sub compact at half thecweight and twice the capacity both worlds what are people! By shooting as often and as many rounds, so it is trade-off... Shoot any semi-auto better than a light weight alloys they ’ re crippling them areas to really it... 5 round derringer I think a revolver, the weight isn ’ t offensive at all a... Mirror like finish, it ’ s a matter of each to his/her own Mini!

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